How can I use product recommendations to drive sales?

Modern shoppers are used to personalised recommendations across the web, but you don’t need to use big data or machine learning to meet this need.

Find out how accounts, wishlists and product attributes can help you offer a personalised experience without massive investment.


Help get me started

We want to help you make a big impact, so ask yourself this question: Which of the following statements best describes your customers’ needs? It may help to think about how they behave on your site. Do they shop for a specific product or browse your offering? Do they checkout on the first visit or return multiple times before making a purchasing decision?
Drag and drop the following statements into the order that best reflects the needs of your customers.
Most challenging
Keeping up-to-date with trends and product news
Shopping across multiple devices
Saving, sharing and returning to items later
Finding the products I want
Least challenging

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