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Every interaction your customers have with your site sends you a signal about their intent. You might not know who they are or where they are based, but you do know that they have at least some interest in your products.

Personalisation means leveraging those signals, however minor, to help your customers find the products they want, without going to your competitors. Our recommendations are ranked below, based on your response from the previous page.

Our recommendations

Based on your response to the ordering activity, our recommendations are ranked below

Top recommendation

Offer advice on trends and products

Since you run an eCommerce site, you probably have some expertise in what you sell. You can leverage insights to deliver product recommendations by creating social media posts to highlight new products or showcase product combinations. That’s true whether you’re recommending this season’s style trends or suggesting add-ons for gardening equipment.
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Offer user accounts to help shoppers pick up where they left off

Shopping across devices can be inconvenient if your customer has to restart their product search each time. Offer user accounts to help shoppers save items for later. This makes it easier to browse on mobile, then complete checkout on desktop - particularly for major purchases where shoppers need more time to think.
Top recommendation

Use wishlists and favourites to encourage shoppers to purchase

A ‘wishlist’ or ‘favourites’ feature gives shoppers the ability to save items for later. Some shoppers intend to buy wishlisted items, others want to share that list, while others may use it as a ‘shortlist’ before selecting one product to purchase.
Top recommendation

Use product attributes to make recommendations

Product attributes give you useful insights into what your shopper needs. If they buy a dress, you can make a reasonable assumption about their size, style and colour preferences. If they buy a musical instrument, the cost and model can give you a signal about their skill level and budget.

Your next steps

Offering personalised product recommendations doesn’t have to be difficult. Find out what signals your shoppers are sending you, then leverage those signals to encourage purchase. These four tips will help you get started.

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Use your expertise to showcase related products

Top tip: Showcase ads let you promote related products alongside one another to highlight trends or combinations. Find out how

Offer user accounts

Top tip: Check if your website hosting service or platform offers the ability to offer user accounts.

Offer a wishlist or favourites feature

Top tip: Speak to your development team or check what plugins are available for your e-commerce site.

Make product recommendations

Top tip: As your business scales, you may want to investigate Google Cloud as a scalable approach to leveraging product attributes to deliver recommendations. Investigate Google Cloud

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