How can user testing help me improve my eCommerce site?

How easy is it to find products on your site? What difficulties do your shoppers experience? Find out why user testing is a quick and cost effective approach to answering these questions.


Plan your first test

It can be tempting to think that you know where your website works, and where it doesn’t. But there’s a problem: you’ve used your website before. You know where the problems are and you intuitively avoid them. You know why design decisions were made and the constraints that influenced them. User testing gives you an objective insight into your retail site, based on the experience of real shoppers.
Follow these steps in order to run your first user test.
Begin your plan
Step 1 - How to run your first test
Step 2 - Make it challenging
Step 3 - Test across devices
Step 4 - Test little and often
Finish your plan

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